Gloop Recipe


  • 2 cups of cornflour
  • 2 cups of cold water
  • Food colouring (optional)


  1. Put the cornflour into a bowl and add a few drops of food colouring. 
  2. Add 1 cup of cold water, stirring constantly. Stop when the water is barely absorbed. 
  3. Gloop is safe, easy to make and fascinating to play with. 
  4. Scoop it up in your hand and see how it’s a mouldable material but then flows like a liquid back into the bowl. 
  5. Spread it on a table and try and draw shapes and letters in it with your finger. 
  6. Divide the mixture and add a colour to one half and see what happens when the two halves met.
  7.  As it dries it becomes a chalk like powder that can be brushed off.